If you have a non-working app, there are various causes/solutions. 


  • Close the app and restart it.
  • Update the app in your app store. Older app versions can cause cause a non-functioning app.
  • Remove the app and download it again.
  • Update your smartphone to the latest software update. It is possible that the app does not work optimally with an outdated software version of your operating system.

The (current) location of my bike is not visible in the app

If your bike's (current) location  is not visible in the app, it is possible that the bike has no connection to the GPS system.

  • Please place your bike outside for a while. An open connection to the sky provides an ideal connection between the GPS satellites and your bike. 
  • Check the internet connection of your smartphone. If you are not connected to the internet, your bike's location can  not be sent to your smartphone.
  • Charge the battery connected to your bike. If you charge the battery of your bike structurally seperately from your bike, the GPS module in your bike becomes empty and only charges it while cycling. Hereby it can happen that the GPS module has a constantly low to empty percentage when it has to point a location. 

Is your app still not working? Please submit a support ticket.